Nanometric platforms for biomedicine

Historical overview

From the grounds of a solid experience in molecular magnetic materials, some researchers in the M4 group shifted his interest to the emerging field of nanotechnology some 30 years ago. The first efforts were dedicated to the development of synthetic procedures for the control of crystal phase, size and shape of iron oxide nanoparticles that crystallized in a new patented method based on the use of polymers as precipitating matrix.

Soon it became evident that the most promising applications of these nanoparticles were in the biomedical field and the focus was set on these applications. The attention of the group was specially directed to hyperthermia therapy and, later on, a new line of research emerge: nanothermometry; as this is an essential tool for the advance in this field.

At present, the aims of the group are: 1) the development of multi-therapeutic tools for cancer including hyperthermia; 2) the development of luminescence nanothermometers with high spatial and time resolution; 3) the use of these nanothermometers for monitoring intracellular phenomena involving thermal processes.

Recent Achievements

Avoiding the Reticuloendothelial System

PEG-Copolymer-coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles that Avoid the Reticuloendothelial System and Act as Kidney MRI Contrast Agents
Nanoscale, 2018, 10, 14153-64

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Glucose Homeostasis on Type 2 Diabetes

Effect of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles on Glucose Homeostasis on Type 2 Diabetes Experimental Model
Life Sciences, 245, 117361, 2020

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Molecular Logic

Lanthanide Luminescence to Mimic Molecular Logic and Computing through Physical Inputs
Adv. Opt. Mater. 2020, 8, 2000312

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Magnetic hyperthermia with e-Fe2O3 nanoparticles
RSC Adv., 2020, 10, 28786

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Intracellular Temperature Imaging

Real-Time Intracellular Temperature Imaging Using Lanthanide-Bearing Polymeric Micelles
Nano Lett. 20, 6466-6472, 2020

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Present Goals

2D temperature imaging with high spatial and time resolution.

The group designs and produce temperature sensitive luminescence nanoprobes, and builds instruments for the detection of luminescence emission from this probe and conversion into 2D temperature imaging of the object of observation. The functional molecular groups of the probes are lanthanide complexes. The signal of the probes is transformed in absolute temperature data

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Enhanced Hyperthermia therapy.

Based on a local application of small amounts of heat localized in certain intracellular sites such as mitochondria. It is expected that the generation of high enough temperature gradients on these sites could induce cell apoptosis, thus using an amount of heat considerable lower than that employed on actual hyperthermia treatment, which are based on whole tumour heating

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Multi-therapeutical approach for cancer treatment.

Several kinds of cancer therapy are joined in a single iron-oxide-polymer nanoparticles to achieve a synergic therapeutical effect higher than that of individual therapies and the sum of them. Selected therapies include: Hyperthermia, Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy

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On-going projects

Multitherapy of cancer from the intercept of nanotechnology and cell biology

PGC2018-095795-B-I00  ( 2019 – 2021) IP  A Millan

Nanoparticles-based 2D thermal bioimaging technologies (NanoTBTech)

FETOPEN-01-2016-2017, no.: 801305  (2018 – 2021) Coordinator: Luis Carlos

Local hyperthermia cancer treatment studies using a new temperature-imaging-hyperthermia microscopy instrument

H2020-MSCA-IF-2017 ( 2018 – 2020) Coordinator: Angel Millan

Redesigning biocatalysis: Thermal-tuning of one-pot multienzymatic cascades by nanoactuation (HOTZYMES)

FET-OPEN RIA 829162 (2019 – 2022)  Coordinator: Valeria Grazu

A European Network for Connective Tissue Calcifying Diseases “EuroSoftCalcNet”

COST Action 16115. ( 2017 – 2021)  Coordinator: Martin Ludovic.


RED2018-102626-T. MCIN (2019 – 2020) Coordinator: Daniel Ortega


Scattering of spin waves by a Bloch domain wall: Effect of the dipolar interaction.

Victor Laliena, Athanasios Athanasopoulos and Javier Campo.

New magnetic intermediate state, “B-phase,” in the cubic chiral magnet MnSi

M. Ohkuma, M. Mito, M. Pardo, Y. Kousaka, S. Iwasaki, K. Ohishi, J. Akimitsu, K. Inoue, V. Laliena, J. Campo.

Magnonic Goos-Hänchen effect induced by one dimensional solitons

Victor Laliena, Javier Campo

Metastability and Creation of single chiral soliton states in monoaxial helimagnets

S. A. Osorio, V. Laliena, J. Campo, and S. Bustingorry

Large magnetocaloric effect in EuGd2O4 and EuDy2O4

E.Palacios, R.Sáez-Puche, J.Romero, Y.Doi, Y.Hinatsu, M.Evangelisti

Stability of Ag(III) towards Halides in Organosilver(III) Complexes

Daniel Joven-Sancho, Miguel Baya, Larry R. Falvello, Antonio Martín, Jesús Orduna and Babil Menjón*

A novel method to obtain integral parameters of the orientation distribution function of textured polycrystals from wavelength-resolved neutron transmission spectra

Miguel Angel Vicente Alvarez; Victor Laliena; Florencia Malamud; Javier Campo; Javier Santisteban

Efficient Brownian oscillators and nanoheaters based on gallium-doped e-Fe2O3†

Yuanyu Gu; Nuno J. O. Silva; Marie Yoshikiyo; Asuka Namai; Rafael Pinñol; Guillaume Maurin-Pasturel; Yuwen Cui; Shin-ichi Ohkoshi; Angel Millan; Abelardo Martinez

A new twist on an old ligand: a [Mn16] double square wheel and a [Mn10] contorted wheel

Thomais G. Tziotzi; Marco Coletta; Mark Gray; Cameron L. Campbell; Scott J. Dalgarno; Giulia Lorusso; Marco Evangelisti; Euan K. Brechin; Constantinos J. Milios;

Building C(sp3) Molecular Complexity on 2,2’-Bipyridine and 1,10-Phenanthroline in Rhenium Tricarbonyl Complexes

Arevalo, Rebeca; López, Ramón; Falvello, Larry R.; Riera, Lucía; Perez, Julio

Field induced slow magnetic relaxation in a zig-zag chain-like Dy(III) complex with the ligand o-phenylenedioxydiacetato

Černák, Juraj; Harčarová, Katarína; Falvello, Larry R.; Dlháň, Ľubor; Boča, Roman

On new solvatomorphs of the metalloligand [Ni(o-van-en)]

Anna Vráblová, Milagros Tomás, Ján Titiš, Juraj Černák and Larry R. Falvello.

Intermediate magnetic phase of the magnetoelectric compound (Ca,Sr)BaCo4O7 described with the superspace formalism

J. Lohr, A. L. Larralde, J. Curiale, R. Sanchez, J. Campo, G. J. Cuello, D. Sheptyakov, L. Keller, M. Kenzelmann, G. Aurelio

Dynamics of chiral solitons driven by polarized currents in monoaxial helimagnets

Laliena, Victor; Bustingorry, Sebastian; Campo Javier;

Design and optimization of a magnet for magnetocaloric refrigeration.

Francisco Beltran-Lopez, Jesus; Palacios, Elias; Velazquez, David; Burriel, Ramon

Lanthanide Luminescence to Mimic Molecular Logic and Computing through Physical Inputs.

Hernandez-Rodriguez, Miguel A.; Brites, Carlos D. S.; Antorrena, Guillermo; Pinol, Rafael; Cases, Rafael; Perez-Garcia, Lluisa; Rodrigues, Mafalda; Plaza, Jose Antonio; Torras, Nuria; Diez, Isabel; Millan, Angel; Carlos, Luis D.

Switching of the Chiral Magnetic Domains in the Hybrid Molecular/Inorganic Multiferroic (ND4)(2)[FeCl5(D2O)].

Rodriguez-Velamazan, J. Alberto; Fabelo, Oscar; Campo, Javier; Rodriguez-Carvajal, Juan; Qureshi, Navid; Chapon, Laurent C.

Molecular nanoclusters as magnetic refrigerants: The case of Fe-14 with very large spin ground-state.

Evangelisti, M; Candini, A; Ghirri, A; Affronte, M; Piligkos, S; Brechin, EK; McInnes, EJL

Thermometry at the nanoscale.

Brites, Carlos D. S.; Lima, Patricia P.; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Millan, Angel; Amaral, Vitor S.; Palacio, Fernando; Carlos, Luis D.

Rational Electrostatic Design of Easy-Axis Magnetic Anisotropy in a Zn-II-Dy-III-Zn-II Single-Molecule Magnet with a High Energy Barrier.

Oyarzabal, Itziar; Ruiz, Jose; Manuel Seco, Jose; Evangelisti, Marco; Camon, Agustin; Ruiz, Eliseo; Aravena, Daniel; Colacio, Enrique

Fluoride-Bridged {Gd-III M-3(III) (2)} ( M= Cr, Fe, Ga) Molecular Magnetic Refrigerants**.

Pedersen, Kasper S.; Lorusso, Giulia; Morales, Juan Jose; Weyhermueller, Thomas; Piligkos, Stergios; Singh, Saurabh Kumar; Larsen, Dennis; Schau-Magnussen, Magnus; Rajaraman, Gopalan; Evangelisti, Marco; Bendix, Jesper

A symmetric, triply interlaced 3-D anionic MOF that exhibits both magnetic order and SMM behaviour.

Campo, J.; Falvello, L. R.; Forcen-Vazquez, E.; Saenz de Pipaon, C.; Palacio, F.; Tomas, M.

Spin-1/2 Quantum Antiferromagnet on a Three-Dimensional Honeycomb Lattice Formed by a New Organic Biradical F4BIPBNN.

Amaya, Naoki; Ono, Toshio; Oku, Yuta; Yamaguchi, Hironori; Matsuo, Akira; Kindo, Koichi; Nojiri, Hiroyuki; Palacio, Fernando; Campo, Javier; Hosokoshi, Yuko

Stability of skyrmion textures and the role of thermal fluctuations in cubic helimagnets: A new intermediate phase at low temperature.

Laliena, Victor; Campo, Javier

Identifying early pathogenic events during vascular calcification in uremic rats.

Hortells, Luis; Sosa, Cecilia; Guillen, Natalia; Lucea, Susana; Millan, Angel; Sorribas, Victor

Exploring through-bond and through-space magnetic communication in 1,3,2-dithiazolyl radical complexes.

Leckie, Dominique; Stephaniuk, Nadia T.; Arauzo, Ana; Campo, Javier; Rawson, Jeremy M.

Structural Insights into the Two-Step Spin-Crossover Compound Fe(3,4-dimethyl-pyridine)(2)[Ag(CN)(2)](2).

Rodriguez-Velamazan, Jose Alberto; Kitase, Kosuke; Palacios, Elias; Castro, Miguel; Fernandez-Blanco, Angel; Burriel, Ramon; Kitazawa, Takafumi

Tetra-n-butylammonium orotate monohydrate: knowleage-based comparison of the results of accurate and lower-resolution analyses and a non-routine disorder refinement.

Ara, Irene; Basdouri, Zeineb; Falvello, Larry R.; Graia, Mohsen; Guerra, Pablo; Tomas, Milagros

Polymorphism of the dinuclear Co-III-Schiff base complex [Co-2(o-van-en)(3)]center dot 4CH(3)CN (o-van-en is a 96 salen-type ligand).

Vrablova, Anna; Cernak, Juraj; Falvello, Larry R.; Tomas, Milagros

Real-Time Intracellular Temperature Imaging Using Lanthanide Bearing Polymeric Micelles.

Pinol, Rafael; Zeler, Justyna; Brites, Carlos D. S.; Gu, Yuanyu; Tellez, Pedro; Carneiro Neto, Albano N.; da Silva, Thiago E.; Moreno-Loshuertos, Raquel; Fernandez-Silva, Patricio; Isabel Gallego, Ana; Martinez-Lostao, Luis; Martinez, Abelardo; Carlos, Luis D.; Millan, Angel

What is a crystal to the new chemical crystallographer, after that first, automated structure analysis?.

Falvello, Larry R.

An Investigation of Halogen Bonding as a Structure-Directing Interaction in Dithiadiazolyl Radicals.

Nascimento, Mitchell A.; Heyer, Elodie; Less, Robert J.; Pask, Christopher M.; Arauzo, Ana; Campo, Javier; Rawson, Jeremy M.

A decanuclear [(Dy6Zn4II)-Zn-III] cluster: a {Zn-4(II)} rectangle surrounding an octahedral {Dy-6(III)}.

Stavgianoudaki, Nikoleta; Siczek, Milosz; Lis, Tadeusz; Lorusso, Giulia; Evangelisti, Marco; Milios, Constantinos J.


News and views

Our article  “Thermometry at the nanoscale”  by C. Brites et al. is included in the “Nanoscale 10th Anniversary: Top Cited Articlesonline collection.

Our contribution to the field of Hyperthermia Therapy is highlighted (Cancer killers by L. Carlos & A. Millán) in the magazine The Scientist, Number:1st December 2015. Article: ‘It’s Getting Hot in Here’ by Kate Yandell.

NanoTBTech Project is highlighted in the magazine SciTech Europa Quarterly, 30, 26-27, 2019.

Our article “Early events in uremic vascular calcification in uremic rats" by Hortells et al.  is highlighted by the editor of Kidney International W.C. O’Neill, Kidney Int. 92, 1316, 2017.